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I wasn't looking for heaven or hell

just someone to listen to stories I tell

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  • kelinswriterfic@livejournal.com
This is the fic archive for kelinswriter - fics posted previously to various comms, and maybe, eventually, some original works. Welcome!

All stories on this site are works of fiction that originated with the writer. While real events may be referenced, the works contained are wholly fictional in nature and do not in any way represent the true feelings or actual thoughts of any "real person" individuals who may be referenced within their contents. No disrespect or malice is intended...however, in instances where George W. Bush is referenced, serious dislike may be appropriately inferred. In instances where pre-existing characters or situations are used from other media, no ownership is implied or inferred. I am merely borrowing the characters to explore concepts or ideas that are suited to their particular traits.

Please note: Plagiarism is stealing, and the epitome of troll behavior. Do it, and I will do everything in my power to get your IP banned from whatever comms you may be reposting my works at. Please consider this fair warning.

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