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Welcome to kelinswriterfic

Hello, and welcome to the fiction journal for kelinswriter.

It's going to take a while to build this thing, but eventually, you can expect a frequently updated listing of all my fics in chronological order. All posts after this one will be friends-locked, so if you are interested in what's available here, please friend this journal.

As time goes on, I'll add all previously posted fics to this location, odds are with a little editing and *cough* perhaps an occasional continuity fix or two. Eventually, you might even see some original fiction that can't be found anywhere else on LJ.

Hope you enjoy! Thanks for stopping by.

Edit: It's not necessary to comment here to get added in. Just friend the journal and as long as you don't appear to be a Russian 'bot generator (or 12 years old), I will friend you back. Thanks!
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